Why Hire Us as your Property Manager?

Your Trusted Property Management Partner

We look at property management as a partnership with the owners. We not only view this as managing your property on a daily basis but also as protecting some of your most valuable assets and investments for the future. We are the caretaker of your property for both you and the residents who live there .

Whether you own one property or a hundred, GSR Property Managers can take the worry out of ownership by handling all the details from finding the right tenant to fixing the boiler when it breaks. We are on the ground and we are ready to go. Let us do what we do and free up your time to do what you do.

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Experience The Benefits of GSR

Client Focused philosophy assisting each owner create a long term investment plan
We Provide Fantastic Customer Service
Our Firm uses the Latest Tech
Screening and Rent Collection
Inspections and Lower than market Maintenance repair cost
Low tenant Turnover and high tenant retention
Eviction Protection
Extremely Affordable Fee Structure

GSR Property Managers manage the following types of properties

Single Family Homes
Multi-Family Homes
Town Homes
Apartments & Condominiums

How Much Can you Rent Your Property For?

That’s one of the most important questions you need to answer. Set your rate too high and your property will sit empty. Set it too low and you’re a leaving money on the table.

Setting the optimal price for your property requires knowledge of the local market and developing trends. Property evaluations are done by comparing similar properties in the area based on current and recent listings. Each market evaluation takes into account any additional amenities, special features, and overall condition.

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