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Real Estate Is A Long Game With Big Potential

The rental market has historically been viewed as less glamorous than real estate sales, but we strongly believe there is great opportunity in real estate investment and have seen the results to prove it.  GSR Property Managers can handle your investment portfolio no matter how big or small.  Either way, we can take the fear out of the rental market by handling all the unknowns with the kind of expertise only gained through experience. We proactively manage each property with the intention of protecting your investment as if it were our own.

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative business when done properly and with the right tools in place. We can help you get started or build out your portfolio even more by removing the barriers and easing the headaches.

Property Investment Services

Whether you are a seasoned property investment pro or this is your first time investing in a property, we can assist you from Strategy to Acquisition to Occupancy and beyond in six easy steps.

Step #1: Establish an Investment Strategy

We work with you to create a real estate investing strategy to identify properties that fit your investment profile. Based on your objectives and using our experience in the market, we define a unique set of criteria to begin identifying potential properties. These may include foreclosed properties available through auction, as well as properties listed by brokers, asset managers or directly by owners. The mix of properties will be determined based on your unique needs and wants.

Step #2: Acquire a Property

We work with you to evaluate the potential properties identified together. Our market experience will help you read between the lines to make the best selection possible. Then, we assist you with the purchase through our sister company, Gordon Street Realty, a full service brokerage, that handles the necessary steps. We offer assistance in selecting additional vendors to help you with acquisition of the property including legal counsel, financial resources and contractors. Our goal is to get you ready to market your property in as short a time as possible.

Step #3: Get Ready to List

Once the purchase is complete, we will work with you to determine if any updates or remodeling is needed to better compete in the local market. Once your property is ready to list, we will begin the marketing phase with leading rental websites like ApartmentList, Lovely, Trulia, and Zillow. In addition, we take advantage of the connections and relationships we’ve developed with other local brokers and apartment finding agents.

Step #4: Finding the Right Residents

We provide an online rental application to speed up the process of acquiring a new tenant. We also conduct full credit and criminal reports on potential applicants. We can even look at an applicant’s prior eviction history to identify any red flags.

Step #5: Management Services

Once your property is occupied we manage the property for you, providing an Owner Portal to access tools and information regarding your property. We also provide a Tenant portal that allows for online payments with a recurring payment option, maintenance request submissions, tracking of maintenance requests, as well as move-in and move-out reports.

Step #6: Renovation/Construction & Additional Services

Often properties need to be updates prior to renting so that they are competitive within their market. We have worked with quality contractors and can assist or manage the whole process for you. Additionally, if you are looking to sell an investment property, we can assist you with the entire process form listing to closing. Any other related service you can think of, we either have the resources in house or the connections to recommend a resource. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it.

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