How To Find Rental Homes In Atlanta

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One of the most important decisions you make in life is where you are going to live. So what is the best way to find rental homes in Atlanta? Or apartments, condominiums, etc? The internet has made things a whole lot easier for renters and landlords to connect, and some old school techniques are still relevant as well.

The perfect option for you might be to utilize both by tapping into a real estate agent that helps renters find homes, and can do the leg work for you.

In today's post we're going to look at some old school techniques and some new school techniques including free and paid listings.

Techniques to Find Rental Homes In Atlanta

It's hard to believe, but its been less than 20 years since the internet started becoming a resource for your average person. Before "search and click" there was "read and call".

Old School Rental Search Tactics

Newspapers were the original mass communication option for people looking to rent their homes; and for renters looking to find a place to live. As newspaper subscriptions and readership have decreased over the years, so has newspapers influence over rental properties. But if you still subscribe to the Sunday paper, might as well start here.

Rental Guides
Rental guides are still an option today as well. In 1998 a good friend of mine was moving to Chicago. While walking around on their firs visit they picked up a guide and were able to easily understand the different pricing options for different neighborhoods. To some degree they are the slimmed down paper version of what you find online. The beauty is you don't need wifi to look through a large number of listings.

Message Boards (paper not digital)
Message boards are also still relevant. Many churches have message boards that post listings, restaurants and bars often have message boards, and there's even the old tried and true stapled paper with tear-outs on a telephone pole..

Yard Signs
If you know what area of town you want to live in, taking a walk or drive through the area can identify properties for rent designated by "For Rent" yard signs.

Word of Mouth
Our favorite old school option to find rental homes in Atlanta is word-of-mouth. This option eliminates the need to spend time driving or scouring the internet. Plus you have a connection to the landlord which can help provide additional info or details that might be relevant.

New School Rental Search Tactics

The dividing line between old school and new school is the internet. A host of websites are available to search through existing listings. Some have simple property details and others have more detailed listings with multiple photos. These listing services are available to landlords as a free or paid service. Most often the paid services provide more details and photos so if the first site you view doesn't have enough details, try another.

Online Listing Services:

There has never been more information available to renters than today. And tomorrow and the day after that information will continue to grow. Utilize the option above to help find your next place to live. But remember, if you're looking for the easiest way to find rental homes in Atlanta, you might be best served working with a real estate professional.

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